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Halloween Is here at Curiosities !!! It is Always here!!!!!

Happy Halloween – we are loaded with great vintage Halloween decor!!!!

We just got back from Kansas and loaded up on some wonderful Spooky antiques

including lots of great Masonic and Odd Fellows Items

vintage halloween




Some new goodies In at Curiosities!

Just unloaded a great Haul of new merch today – Here is a sampling!!!

David Strickland art

David Strickland art

Local artist David Strickland Metal Tool Rings are super cool!!! 4 available $110 each

spooky portraits

Creepy Pair of Victorian portraits!!!! $150 each

Mini Still

Functioning vintage mini still!!! $200

vintage popcorn sign

1930’s Popcorn arrow sign – $600

secret societies

Secret Societies log books – $40 each

Today’s House call turned up some interesting items!!!

Went on a great house call today and purchased two Ceremonial Odd fellows Coffins a double hoof lamp and a large taxidermy rattlesnake!!!

The Odd Fellows’ initiation ceremony involved a blindfolded candidate, draped in chains, led to a place where the blindfold was removed and he found himself in flickering torchlight, face to face with a skeleton. This was an invitation to contemplate one’s own mortality, and a way to underscore the seriousness of staying current with dues.

Victorian Child sized Coffin with Paper Mache Skeleton

Odd fellows ceremonial Coffin

Antique Large Taxidermy Rattlesnake

Large Ralte Snake

Double Hoofed goat Lamp!!!

Double Hoof Lamp

All Hail The King!!! Of the Oddfellows….

Be the King of your own Castle

three Antique IOOF lodge Scepters used by benevolent men.

Three antique Oddfellows scepters

 Priced from $60 – $95