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Our Favorite Time of the year is almost here!

Halloween is just around the corner !

We have some great vintage décor to help spook up your house!!!





The good, the bad and the ugly.

Taxidermy – natural history artifacts.

Taxi 2

This is as close as I would ever want to get to a baboon.

Baby ducks

Baby ducks nestled amongst milk glass Easter eggs.


Fantastic goat.

insta 1

This fox will win any staring contest.

Just follow the signs

We love signs around here and are always adding new ones to the shop.Signs 2

Great for a large wall.

Signs 3

Show off your Texas pride.

Signs 5

Perfect for a fence. Signs 1

Pegasus – a Dallas icon.

Carny fun at Curiosities!

Circus posterCheck out the circus and carnival memorabilia.

wheel 2

Spin the wheel – see if you’re a winner.

(5) 23.5hX37w

The circus is coming to your town.

Circus 1

Carnival punk – I wonder who “Kay” is?